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Overview on Smoking

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

In the ongoing industrial strive the world is facing, one of the constant and most rigorous hurdles to mankind’s health is the consumption of drugs and illegal substances like cigarettes. It is a huge danger to the constantly evolving youth of our generation,and the consumption of such products could be highly dangerous as it can affect our health, due to the presence of nicotine, a substance which is a chemical compound found in tobacco. Nicotine is an elite drug present in cigarettes which is smoked through the filter found inside the cigarette. The inhalation of nicotine in our body directly reaches our lungs, where nicotine gets absorbed by blood and blocks the arteries and vessels. It slowly moves towards the brain and it increases the level of Dopamine, a chemical which gives a feeling of pleasure and contentment in the brain, causing brain attacks and blood clotting in the brain or dysfunction of the brain. 

Average cigarette contains 4000 chemicals, 43 of which are cancer leading chemicals like tar, cyanide, and arsenic. Every cigarette decreases our life span by 4-5 minutes. Paper, which is used to cover tasselled, is made up of synthesized chemicals and causes 70% of damage and the rest 30% is created by tassels.

Smoking causes damage to all the organs of our body. Smoking can increase the chances of having a  stroke by 2-4 times and can even cause death. It makes our bones weak and frail. It even causes plague which sticks to the wall of arteries and hence reduces blood flow and encourages blood clotting, leading to autoimmune diseases like arthritis and diabetes. Smoking also leads to major respiratory problems like bronchitis and emphysema. Smoking takes away the sense organs like smell and taste and everything tastes and smells bland. It affects the reproductive system in females and leads to premature babies, still birth etc. 

Thus, it is said that one should not smoke as it is not just said that it affects your health but it is actually very injurious to health and slowly and gradually affects all the parts of the body, causing health issues and even reducing your lifespan by 4-5 years. 

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