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Online School Improvements

Hi everyone! I know that it’s almost winter break. For many of us, the last thing we want to think about is school. However, just to be in line with New Year’s resolutions, I think it would be helpful to lay out a couple of changes that we could make to improve our online learning experience, regarding how difficult and different it already is. By using these tips, you can make the most out of your learning as well as take care of yourself in the process.

Create a “real life” schedule for yourself

Get ready for school as if you were going in person. Wake up at roughly the same time as traditional learning, change out of your PJ’s, and do whatever you would normally do in your routine.

Turn on your camera if possible

When we turn off our cameras, we usually start multitasking/ doing non-related school things. Thus, our learning experience is impaired, and we are not concentrated. I find that turning on the camera helps me focus because it prevents me from being distracted.

Utilize your break times

During break times, go outside or do anything away from the screen. This improves our concentration and physical/mental health. I find that being outside makes me more motivated to learn.

Have a clean workspace

Clean space= clear mind. A cluttered workspace has the power to make us feel indifferent and unmotivated. I know that I have no will to learn whatsoever if my space is messy. Setting myself up for success is creating a clean area for myself to learn.

Use study schedules and manage time wisely

Regularly reviewing a little bit of material helps refresh our brain and prepare us for assessments. Space out your time realistically for work. As a result, you will have more free time.

Online school is challenging, both physically and mentally. For many of us, it is a huge shift from what we see as normalcy. Know that you are not alone, and so many other people are also struggling to adapt. Try utilizing these tips for more productive learning. You can do this.

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