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Netflix Recommendations For Teens!

Finally, the winter break is headed our way! It’s been a stressful year and everyone could use some time to relax and to indulge in the luxury of sleeping 12 hours a day. With this free time on everyone’s hands, it is likely that most of us will take this opportunity to watch more T.V. as a way of relaxing, but we’ve already seen our favorites at least 6 times. Listed below are some new shows that might pique your interest, especially if you love shows with a little drama. 

1. Once Upon A Time

The title may seem a little cheesy, but this show would be amazing to anyone who loves fantasy and drama. The show involves all of Disney’s favorite fairytale characters, Snow White, Belle, the Evil Queen, Pinocchio, Captain Hook, etc., and places a series of twists and challenges in their stories as they are all connected together. 

2. Grey’s Anatomy

I’m almost entirely sure you’ve heard this one before. Grey’s Anatomy is a drama centered around Seattle Grace Hospital where the attending doctors and residents teach the interns everything they need to know to become a great doctor, but things get complicated when relationships arise between the doctors.

3. One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time is a comedy that describes a Cuban-American family and the problems, laughs, joys, and adventures they undergo as a single mother is helped with raising her twelve-year-old son and fifteen-year-old daughter by her mother. 

4. Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin is essentially a telenovela, which means it has loads and loads of drama. Jane, a 23-year-old virgin is accidentally artificially inseminated with the owner of the hotel she works at sperm. Jane is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Michael and lives with her mother and grandmother. The hotel owner, Rafael, has a wife Petra, and when their family learns of Jane’s pregnancy, things take a turn in all of their lives. 

5. What’s New Scooby-Doo?

Yes, this cartoon classic is on the list. Whenever I needed a break from doing homework or studying, I took out my phone and watched one episode of What’s New Scooby-Doo, and it helped to clear my mind. The nostalgia of this show makes for a great distraction and a family-friendly show to watch with everyone!

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