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love yourself, please?

“Put a little love in your heart… and the world will be a better place..”

-Jackie DeShannon

What is loving yourself? How do you love yourself? Are you worthy of love? The answer to that last question is 100% YES! But I’ll still try to answer these questions through my personal experiences.

What is loving yourself? Loving yourself means accepting and appreciating who you are. You should have confidence that you are beautiful inside and out, and that you deserve all the good that comes to you. Just saying kind words towards yourself can help. Have a positive self-image of yourself because as you keep putting yourself down, the farther you’ll fall, and the harder it is to get back up and love yourself. Encourage yourself to be only you, all the time because that’s all you need to be because you are enough for yourself! Screw the world!

How do you love yourself? Loving yourself isn’t easy but everyone can do it. Firstly, you need to believe in, well, you. You need to know that you are worthy of love and you deserve love. You need to want to love yourself or you can’t. No one can say anything to make you love yourself, only you. Say positive things to yourself, be kind to yourself because trust me not many others will be. To love yourself you need to be proud of who you are, your personality, your color, your features, all of it because you are so unique and special with no filter.

Are you worthy of love? Everyone is. You are loved. Maybe right now it feels like you can’t be loved or no one around you loves you, but trust me, there are people out there that love you, care for you, and will be there for you. You will find love if you love yourself first. I’ve been told, “ You only attract the energy you give off.” If you don’t believe in your worth and if you don’t love yourself, how will someone else believe that they can love you? If you love yourself, you can love others, so do yourself the favor first.

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1 Comment

Lehar Marata
Lehar Marata
Aug 24, 2020

I love this! ❤️

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