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Life with Freedom

Get courage and it will get you freedom, and getting freedom will bring you

happiness. No one other than yourself can ever rule over you. We get one life

to live and because we are so strong, we even get a chance to live it the way

we want to. You should never let your fears gain control over you or your

future. You have to fight the bad to achieve the best. Doing things that you

think are impossible gives you not only self-esteem but also confidence that

will help you do greater things that others might not even think about doing.

You have got to fight for your imagination and not cry over the criticism that

others might make about them. Losing hope because of something that you

lose will not have a good impact on your future. You have to remain strong no

matter what the obstacle is. Conquer your dreams and hunt your goals. The

mountains can break too but don’t let your soul get shattered because of one

tiny thing that you were not able to execute. Make bold choices and don’t be

afraid of showcasing them. you have got a better chance of improving your life

with your decisions than anyone. do what you have always wished to do. Don’t

let it ever become too late to do something that you might regret later on. Be

firm enough on your ground, cause you are worth it. Worth achieving freedom.

~ Swarnima Dalmia

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