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Life Hacks/Tips To Help You Stay Cool This Summer

We all love summer, especially the break from school and the extra freedom. However, the sun and the amount of heat that we experience is oftentimes way too much. Usually we would go take a swim at the beach or pool, but due to the Coronavirus, that isn’t always the safest option. But, don’t you worry! I’ve got you covered, with all these hacks you will still be able to enjoy a fun and cool summer vacation.


1. Make sure that your fans are turning the correct way

If you have ceiling fans, make sure they are rotating counterclockwise. By rotating counterclockwise the fan can create a downward breeze that helps things remain cool. In the winter, the fans should be rotating clockwise to help generate warmer air.

2. Use a metal water bottle

Metal water bottles are super helpful for keeping your water or any other type of drink cool. It is extremely important to remain hydrated during the summer.

3. Turn off any electronics

Wait what, turn off electronics, but I have to watch another episode?! Don’t worry, you can continue to watch your episodes, in fact you have your whole summer to do so. It is still crucial that you take breaks from your computer, phone, tablet, and other electronics from time to time, to not only protect your eyes, but it also helps cool the atmosphere. Electronics generate a lot of heat when they are in use, so when you take a break, turn off the electronics to cool off the air.

4. Enjoy frozen treats

When is a better time to enjoy frozen treats than during the summer? Ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato etc.... There are so many delicious treats that can cool your body throughout the hot summer days.

5. Close your blinds and curtains

Although it is tempting to let sunlight into your house, you shouldn’t do it all the time. The sunlight will actually end up increasing the thermostat levels, leading to a warmer and much hotter house.

6. DIY Aircon

Place a bowl of ice or a cold water bottle in front of your fan; this allows the fan to blow off cold air from the ice or water bottle towards you and the room. Allowing the air to be a lot cooler.

Happy cooling!

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