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Journaling for Mental Wellness

When I started therapy for my anxiety and depression, one of the techniques that really worked for me was journaling. I would like to share some of the journaling prompts that I used to clear my mind and ease the symptoms of my mental illness.

  1. Write down all of your fears then read them out loud. You may find that after reviewing all of your fears, some of them are actually pretty ridiculous and improbable. You can take it one step further and make a mind map to zone in on your specific fears. For example, if you are afraid of open water, you may branch out and realize that you fear falling off of a boat, and being separated from your family. Therefore, your specific fear is being separated from your family, not open water.

  2. Divide the page in half. One one side, write down the negative thoughts the voice inside your head tells you. On the other side, take the negative thought and try to make it a positive one. For example, if you wrote “I hate how I am so fat” on the negative side, you could write “I am well fed and healthy” on the positive side.

  3. Make a list of songs to play when you are feeling anxious or sad.

  4. Make a list of inspirational quotes.

  5. Write a letter to your past self, you future self, or someone else. You don't have to share this letter with anyone.

  6. Make a list of your favorite things

  7. Record a happy memory

  8. Describe what you like about yourself

  9. Make a bucket list

  10. Write a poem or song

  11. Write down all of your coping mechanisms

  12. Keep track of your habits. Take note of how you felt mentally and physically. What did you do?

  13. Write down everything that makes you mad. Take it one step further and burn, rip, or crumple it up.

  14. Write down your 5 favorite sights, sounds, feelings, smell, and tastes.

  15. Write down one positive affirmation over and over again.

I hope that these journaling prompts help any of you who need them.


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Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
11. heinäk. 2020

such good ideas, thanks for sharing!

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