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Ideas for New Years Resolutions

This past year has been a wild card. We’ve gone through a global pandemic, which has its own number of adjustments to everyday life, including people’s work environment, mental and physical health, battling unemployment, etc. However, the year has come to an end, and even with these problems still occurring, people can find new ways to help improve everyday life. New year’s resolutions have been made as a way of changing one’s lifestyle and to help improve on what people have built on. They help to set goals and pace people with the progress they wish to make throughout the year and maintain for many more to come. Here are a few ideas as to how to make improvements throughout the year.

  1. Take a walk

This one may seem trivial at first, but getting out every once in a while and being able to clear your head improves mental health, especially if you have trouble going to sleep at night. Walking will give you an opportunity to release built up tension during the day, allowing for the muscles to relax at night.

2. Explore your passions

Take the time to find out what peaks your interest, and find a way to do it! Working on projects or simply doing the activity you enjoy helps to make sure that your day isn’t filled with non enjoyable arons. In addition, this may spark an activity you can do with family or friends as a way to stay connected during these hard times.

3. Connect with others

The pandemic has caused us to isolate ourselves from the people we care about, but there are still ways to stay connected. Make a point to call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, to facetime them when you both can, and to set up virtual activities to still keep in touch.

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