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How to overcome your fear in public speaking?

We give a speech everyday. Whether it is for work, for a social event, and even in our homes. When we are in a familiar place, we are at ease at conveying our thoughts and ideas. However, when our surroundings change, our confidence level drops. By gathering your thoughts beforehand, and having subject knowledge of the topic you are going to be speaking about, it lessens your chances of fear. Below are a number of simple ways to lessen fear of public speaking and risk of a anxiety attack onstage:

1. Prepare yourself for your speech ahead of time. Going onstage unprepared often will raise the risk of having stress from public speaking. Rehearse your pre-written speech in front of a mirror or camera to help you know exactly what the viewers will see.

2. Perform ‘big belly’ breathing. Experts talk about the benefits of ‘big belly’ breathing since anxiety usually decelerates the respiratory system that then makes it difficult to concentrate. ‘Big belly’ breathing helps clear your air passages and therefore enhance oxygen throughout your system.

3. Plan to move when you speak publicly. Standing in a fixed place during your speech might bring some stress from public speaking. Moving your hands as well as wandering around your stage will likewise help communicate your message much better with the viewers.

4. Take pauses and breaks. A common mistake that many people commit when they are susceptible to experiencing anxiety over public speaking will be that they don't take the time to take a breather in the course of the speech or presentation.

5. Steer clear of excessive caffeine or sugar. Caffeine can easily cause you to be more nervous than you are supposed to when you are giving a talk. Both of these ingredients can make your heart race, make you sweat, as well as make it challenging to concentrate on the task at hand.

6. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You would not want to bother about tugging your clothes or walking a certain way in order to look relaxed when you are onstage. Some people experience anxiety over public speaking because they are not comfortable when they are on stage.

Decreasing anxiety over public speaking can certainly be a difficult task, and it will take some time and practice to get over this fear. Make use of these suggestions that can help minimize your risk of an anxiety attack just before you go onstage in order for you to give a very professional speech that your target audience will certainly appreciate and remember you for.

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