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Hi, Beautiful

Social media. These two words represent a very powerful platform, where many people share their thoughts, either negative or positive. While I have learned many things through the media, I would be lying if I said that I’ve never felt like I wasn’t enough. Looking at models on my phone and then staring at my reflection in the mirror and seeing a person that was much less than perfect. Constantly contemplating what I wear and how I look in it, wondering if I am up to the beauty standard that has been set on social media. As much as I would hate to admit it, the answer was most often no. No, I wasn’t pretty or skinny enough to wear what I wanted, or to pose for pictures that were going to be posted on Instagram, or even to take selfies because I was too insecure. The more time I spent checking comments, I soon learned that many others felt a similar way. I learnt that through social media such as Instagram, many other teens were comparing themselves, and having self destructive thoughts that were affecting their confidence. After much thought, I decided to take a break from extensive amounts of social media and negative thoughts. I decided to feel pretty instead of just complaining that I’m not. I decided to change my vision, instead of myself.

The first step was to actually acknowledge myself. To really see what I thought of myself without other people’s comments clouding my perspective. I had a day for self-appreciation: facemasks, watching netflix, dancing to songs, and doing my favorite things. Through the process, I realized that while I was so caught up in the idea of having good features, I forgot about inner beauty. Who I am on the inside. The negative thoughts from before, led me to forget that what truly matters is my personality, confidence, and behavior towards others. Once I accepted myself, only then was I able to help others see their own beauty. Overtime, being happy and proud with myself regained my confidence. When I looked in the mirror, instead of thinking that someone else would look better in this outfit, I thought that I too look great in this.

As I had mentioned before, I realized that many other people also go through this. I know it’s hard to appreciate or love yourself sometimes, especially when everyone idolizes such a limited standard of beauty; however you must believe that you are beautiful. Take a selfie, look at it and say, “Wow, I’m hot.” Wear that dress that you skipped in your closet because you thought it doesn’t fit you well, post that picture on instagram, eat that donut that you were craving. Don’t limit yourself because of what people want you to be. You are you, the most perfect version of you.Your confidence will result in the happier version of you, and everyone is beautiful when they are smiling! Just remember the popular saying, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”, and always remember, “You. Are. Beautiful.” :)

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1 Comment

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Oct 26, 2020

I love this. You're beautiful!

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