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Here's some advice for all the introverts changing schools.

Look it’s not necessary that your experiences will be even slightly like mine, and you should definitely keep an open mind. Try not to have preconceived notions and anxieties before you even step into a place, a place that could be either ridiculously awful or just perfect for you. Regardless of how it’s going to be, it will change your life in the long run, so being a little prepared can’t hurt. For me, it was an absolute chaotic ass shitshow, not fully bad, but it could surely have gone smoother, but I’m still optimistic for the rest of high-school, which brings me to Tip One!


I know this tip is very overdone, but only because it’s one of the biggest truths out there. Hopefully it will be really good for you and it’ll be easy to adjust to the new environment, it's dynamics, the people, and all the situations you will be thrown into, but if that’s not the case and things feel really shitty for a while, trust me, it’s completely normal. Everything might feel really chaotic and messy for a while: you don’t have friends you genuinely click with, tests might be way harder. It could be the best or worst time of your life, and in the case of the latter, just hang in there and remember nothing lasts forever. Things do get better, and if you’re not someone who adjusts to new places really fast, then you’re likely someone who will thrive in a place, as long as they have some time to get used to it. Either way, you’re stronger than what life and school throw at you, and remember life’s unpredictable, so if it’s shit now, it could pull a 180 any day now.


I promise the right people fix everything, high school is shitty enough on its own, having good friends is the recipe to making it bearable and fun, so do seek them out. You may not find them immediately, and it takes time, but you will eventually. Remain patient and hopeful, but you need to go look: to do this, try to join as many clubs/societies as possible and attend school events! This is gonna be scary, but you have to do it! Make casual conversation with random kids, at least they’ll know your name and face, and that’s gonna help you leagues. Personally, it took me a whole school year to meet people I actually liked, and that's okay! I am definitely happier with the new people in my life, and it’s changed the whole idea of school for me. I’m a lot less anxious about going back- if we ever do with the world today, that is. Don’t worry though guys, hopefully we’re all going to go back to normal, and it’ll be the best year of our lives (Remember Tip One: Optimism changes everything!) For real though guys, it’s normal to take your time to find good friends, especially if you’re picky because quality people are just >>>

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