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Grandma's Homemade Banana Cake!

People usually love to have chocolate bars and chocolate cakes and chocolate drinks and everything chocolate. I have read quotes like “Forget love. I want to fall in chocolate” which is obviously an extremely lame thing to say. I thought that i was a chocolate cake fanatic too until i tasted a banana cake.

P.S. I have never been a huge fan of chocolate bars so that is not even coming in context.

Banana cakes are in my opinion, the best kind of cakes. They have the perfect balance of sweetness and a very nice and soft flavour.

Chocolate cakes give us a happy feeling while banana cakes spread a peaceful feeling.

I have never been someone who likes to eat extremely sweet things. I think i like savoury way more than sweet. I tasted the banana cake which my dida made yesterday for the first time. It was so soft and delightful, perfectly balanced in all proportions that i just thought it was something definitely worth sharing.

this is the picture of the banana cake i am having right now.

I am not someone who does any kind of food blogging. I only eat food and like trying out nice food but this cake thingy was JUST so good and something i loved so much that i told my grandma to make it literally everyday. Also, this cake requires almost nothing and is extremely not expensive from all angles.



Ingredients :

  • 2/3 squashed bananas (depends on the amount of flour)

  • a cup of flour ( depends on the quantity of cake)

  • 1/2 cup of whole milk ( low fat can also be used for people who are on a diet but then the taste is not as good)

  • 1/4 cup of sugar molecules or powdered sugar ( powdered is easy to use)

  • baking powder/baking soda

  • a pinch of vanilla extract (optional)

  • oil/butter(melted)


  1. Smash the bananas and mix it well with the flour to form a dry paste and add two pinches of baking powder/soda to it and keep it aside.

  2. In a separate bowl, add the milk and the sugar and a pinch of vanilla extract (optional) and mix well until smooth.

  3. Then add both the mixtures together in a big bowl and mix well so that it forms a smooth batter which falls in layers and has no lumps.

  4. Oil/Butter can be added in the mixture but it is optional for those who want a whole grain less fat cake.

  5. Take a clean glass container of whatever shape you would want your cake to be and put butter paper at the base or you can also apply strokes of oil/butter with a brush at the base to make it frictionless so that it is easier to take out the cake after it is fully baked. (The oil strokes is a substitute for butter paper.)

  6. Put the batter inside the container and put it inside the oven.

  7. Before putting it into the oven,heat the oven for 5 minutes at 75F and then put the container inside the oven.

  8. Heat it for 20 to 25 minutes at 180F and then take out the baked cake.

  9. Put in a sharp knife to check if it comes out smoothly which means that the cake is properly baked.

  10. You can finally garnish the cake with walnuts or chocolate syrup or anything of your choice.

This is the recipe for the banana cake which i am absolutely in lovee with!

Thanks for reading. Byeee.

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