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Getting Ahead Over Winter Break!

Winter break has finally arrived! For many of us this means a break from the chaos and stress caused my school and other activities throughout the year. A time to de-stress and to spend time with family has finally arrived, and it is important that people spend time with their loved ones and enjoy this time with their families. However, many people may be concerned about AP testing. Since this school year is most likely going to stay virtual, there is less time to learn new material and there have been many hardships in being able to keep up in class.

During break, you can get ahead by purchasing AP review books ahead of time. Having more practice with a variety of resources will ensure a higher grade and a better understanding of the material. Barnes and Noble has these available for purchase, just as Walmart and other resources. Personally, the Princeton Review has helped me to retain the context of the events I’ve learned about. It is filled with practice tests and breakdowns of every subject covered throughout the course.

Also, finding Youtube videos on your subject of choice will help to gain a better understanding of the subject for various reasons, one being hearing different approaches of teaching the material, another being more than one way of understanding the concept. I have found many different videos directed by instructors of the course, and it helps to broaden my knowledge of the subject. The Collegeboard videos available on the website under AP classroom have also been a great help to interpreting concepts within the subject.

However, I encourage you not to overstudy, this break is supposed to help you heal and debrief the several months that students have been working hard during. Utilizing these resources will help any student to achieve a better grade, a greater understanding, and less stress down the road.

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Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
26 dic 2020

Such great ideas, thank you.

Mi piace
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