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Fun and Easy Way to Pass Time Through Friendship Bracelet Making!

Quarantine has given me the chance to explore new hobbies, and so far, one of my favorites has been friendship bracelet making. It's super easy to learn how to make them and there is an endless amount of patterns. I'm going to show you guys how to make my favorite simple pattern that not only is really easy but also doesn't take too long to make.

I like to use three or four strings that are the same length cut with a generous amount of string to spare in order for it to fit around my wrist, ankle, or neck. Fold the strings in half and tie them.

It's extremely helpful to tape the strings to a heavy object or a wall so they will stay in place as you pull on them. For this specific pattern, it's important to have the colors mirrored. In this case, it goes pink, white, blue, blue, white, pink.

Place the outermost string over the adjacent string in the shape of a four, then tie a knot.

Pull that string all the way up to create a tight knot. Repeat this step twice with the same string before moving on to the next string. You keep doing this with each string until you have reached the center.

Repeat the same steps but mirrored on the other side, starting by making a backward four and the tying it to the adjacent string, and repeat that step twice per string.

Once you get to the center, take the same colored strings that you used to knot all the other strings and make a backward four and tie it twice.

The bracelet should begin to look like this and should continue in this pattern until you decide to end the bracelet.

Friendship bracelets are a fun, easy way to pass time and can also be extremely meditative. I really enjoy making these because it has kept me off my phone a lot more, and it's been very calming. I also have been making them as cute gifts for my friends- they loved them and are asking for more! There are endless patterns to choose from, but this one happens to be my favorites. I found this video extremely helpful when learning how to make different patterns; I recommend that you take a look!

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