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Fun Activities Outdoor Activities to do During Quarantine Summer!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Since summer has begun, I have had trouble finding ways to entertain myself while continuing to social distance. I am normally a very outdoorsy type of person but since quarantine started I have been spending my day's binge-watching almost every show on Netflix. Lately, I have decided it is time to start going outside and getting more active. Here are some activities that are super fun and have helped me enjoy nature and the outdoors.

1. Hiking

My sister and I have grown a love for hiking this summer that we have never had before. All we did was search up hiking trails near us, drove there, and kept our distance with the few other hikers we saw. This has definitely been one of my favorite new hobbies as I have never appreciated nature as much as I do now. The feeling of making it all the way up to the summit is so rewarding and definitely worth it.

2. Outdoor runs and walks

I think it is important, especially over quarantine, to take at least 30 minutes out of your day to go on a run or walk around your neighborhood. It has helped me stay active and can be fun if you go with your family for a fun bonding experience.

3. Bike Rides

For people who aren't always a fan of walking or running (like me!), going on bike rides are super fun and also a great form of exercise. My sister and I have biked a lot recently together and have discovered new places in our area we have never been to before! Biking is always enjoyable on a hot sunny day when you need to feel a breeze!

4. Visiting new places

My sister and I recently discovered a bunch of cool beaches and landmarks within an hour from us and it has been such a fun way to get to know our area. We have visited hidden beaches, cool monuments, and amazing viewpoints. We searched up hidden places to minimize the number of people we come in contact with and discovered the most beautiful places around us that I never knew about!

There are always ways to go outside and continue to stay active even in a pandemic. It's super important to continue moving our bodies and get exposure to the sun even if it's just as little as for 30 minutes. This summer has been so much fun since I have been staying outside of my house while distancing myself from other people in nature so I can stay safe and active! I encourage you this quarantine to do one of these things if you have not already!

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