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Farrah's High School 'Wisdom': Emergencies

Hey guys! I just finished my second year of high school (Looking at the equivalent of high school, I'm doing my O-Levels). There have been a load of problems that I have faced, I've made many screw-ups and there are a whole bunch of things I wish I knew before I started. So today, I'm going to be sharing a bunch of tips and pieces of advice for all of you guys currently in high school, or about to start high-school, and they will be ranging in all sorts of topics, from studies to socializing! I really hope they help you guys out! I will be making this into a series of different blog posts, called "Farrah's High School 'Wisdom'", so make sure to check out the rest. This blog post will be about none other than the importance of taking notes!

So today, I will be giving you some tips and plans for basic emergencies- stuff like periods, forgetting your gym clothes, and more! I have been unprepared for so many different scenarios its not even funny at this point, so I really hope that these tips and ideas save you guys some panic and anxiety.

1) Period kit

So, I tend to have a pretty erratic cycle so I just make a little bag that I keep with me wherever I go. Just take a small little pouch or a small cloth bag to fit into your backpack. Put in at least two pads, tampons or menstrual cups, whatever you guys use. I keep my medicine for period cramps in it and an extra set of underwear and an extra set of pants (I keep black leggings) . The amount of times this has saved me is unbelievable- and sometimes, even a buddy is in need of a pad or tampon all of a sudden, and its always great to help someone out!

2) Medicine

So yeah, most schools do have nurses and you do need to give in your medical records to the school but I always like to keep some basics at hand which are really handy (especially when you have strict teachers who always think you're bluffing). I always keep:

a) some aspirin

b) my period cramp medicine

c) my vitamins

d) my inhaler

e) some strepsils (throat lozenges)

f) some sweet candies to chew on if i'm feeling nauseous

g) my anti allergy meds

h) bandaids

Also guys disclaimer: please don't hoard random medicines! Take prescription meds only :) And take your doses accurately and carefully as the doctor has prescribed or what it says at the back of the medicine box!

3) Money Money Money

I think it's always really important to keep money for emergency situations. Maybe to buy something from the canteen or the vending machine, or if there's a competition you forgot to pay for. Keep a wallet in your bag or keep some in your locker, whatever suits you! Sometimes I even just keep money in my phone case.

4) Gym Kit

So is it just me or do I always forget to take my gym kit to school on the days that I have gym or sports? My solution for that is to keep rotating two pairs of gym tights- Keep one in your locker and keep one in your personal bag. The day you have gym, wear the one in your locker. Once you're done with gym, put that in your bag so you can take it home to wash and put the clean one in your locker for your next gym class and do the same swap! Don't wait for the next time you have gym to put the clean tights into your bag- put them in as soon as they're dry after washing, or chances are you will forget about it. Also, it's a good idea to just keep a bottle of deodorant or body splash in your locker!

In general, it's good to always look at your schedule every night and every morning, and do a quick check to see if you have everything you need (not just for gym but that goes for all subjects too!)

5) Projects

Countless times, I have forgotten my calculator before a big math test, or forgotten materials for various projects back in school. Because of this, I like to keep a small pencil box in my locker that I absolutely never take home- because I often forget to bring it to school when I actually need it. It has things that I need pretty regularly for school, and other stuff for every now and then.

It has:

a) 2 pens, one black one blue

b) 2 pencils

c) An eraser

d) A sharpener

e) 4 coloured markers

f) Tape

g) Glue

h) Scissors

i) A stapler

j) A really tiny hand sized notepad

k) A pen

These materials pretty much never leave my locker, unless I forget my pencil case at home or if I have to do a project in school.

The rest of the stuff is not for emergencies, but I like to keep them with me in general:

a) Hair ties

b) Lip balm

c) Water

d) Hand sanitizer

e) Travel Sized Hand Lotion

f) Mini Hair Brush

g) Tissue

And thats it! I know this might sound really extra, like I'm packing for a 6 week vacation, but trust me, you guys, I am talking from experience and all this doesn't take up much space anyways. Its always been super handy for me and I really hope you guys found this useful!

Until next time,

Farrah :)

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