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Easy Exercises to do at Home

Being stuck at home during the pandemic has led me to pick up a lot of old habits and hobbies. One such activity is exercising daily. Today I’ll teach you some easy exercises that show results and are really easy to do at home with minimal (and optional) equipment.


  • Squats. Not only do they work your thigh muscles, they also give you a lil booty lift, especially if you keep at them. (I’d say two weeks, 100 per day, to see results.) If you want to really push your legs, do pulse squats, jump squats, or use a resistance band.

  • Lunges. Alternate which leg is in front; it burns more than doing a certain number on one leg, and that’s what makes those muscles ;) For a challenge, try jumping lunges.

  • Wall sits. What it says on the box. Slide down the wall, keeping knees at a 90° and your thighs parallel to the floor. I recommend going for your goal and continuing until that feels comfortable instead of working your way up. Make sure you stand up instead of collapsing! (It’s better for your knees.)


  • Mountain climbers. From a high plank position, raise each knee as far into your chest as possible, go back into high plank, and alternate legs. To up the cardio a bit, try jumping into and out of position.

  • Planks. Literally the Holy Grail of ab routines. Depending whether you use elbows or hands, it can target areas all over your body.

  • Russian twists. Make sure to keep your feet off the ground and that you’re twisting fully to each side. Add a light dumbbell or two if you want to push yourself. This is one of my favourites for a good core workout. Don’t give up before you feel it. I’d try 15-30, depending on your fitness level.

  • Hip dips/plank twists. These target your obliques as well as your overall core. From elbow plank position, dip your hip bone to the ground while keeping your back as straight as possible. Your feet will be the anchor point, but they can slip depending on if you’re wearing socks or shoes and what kind of surface you’re on, so be careful.


  • Push-ups. Depending on your level, you can go for full push-ups or make it easier two ways. The first way is by doing your push-ups on your knees, and the second is by doing them on a step or other small incline. Make sure your back is straight and your butt is down for any way you try.

  • Tricep dips. These are my crab position push-ups. I really don’t know how else to describe them, so if this confuses you, please look them up.

  • Flying arms. Tee pose arms. Just leave ‘em there for 30-60 seconds or until you feel the burn. Try adding a book or some weights for more of a challenge.

  • Arm circles. Pretty self explanatory.


  • Jump rope session.

  • Jumping jacks.

  • Burpees.

  • Couple minutes of jogging in place.

I hope this was helpful! It’s extremely important to stay healthy while in quarantine, and not only does exercising help us achieve that, it also can make us feel better, which can be useful since a lot of people’s mental health is being affected by isolation.

Stay safe and stay healthy. 💛

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