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Easy DIY Room Decor!

I think everyone can admit that during quarantine, they’ve had this nagging urge to decorate their whole room and make it Pinterest worthy. I am definitely one of those people. In general, I’m an artsy person- I love to draw, paint, and create artwork for my friends and family. So, obviously, that artistic urge in me went off, and over the course of quarantine, I redid my whole room. I’m not even exaggerating... I basically completely redid my whole room, and I’m still working on it now! Most of the wall art that I have now is DIY and- not to brag- it looks amazing. I am also going to include links to the inspiration I used to my own projects! Here’s some easy projects you could try at home for cheap!

1. Photo Wall

This one is probably the easiest out of all of these projects. All you need is a wall, photos, and tape.


  • Go on to Pinterest and select some aesthetic looking photos. To get a certain color theme, just type in “orange aesthetic,” “blue grunge aesthetic,” or anything else you could think of. I was going for a soft pink and ‘90s vibe for my room.

  • Print off your photos. For this step, I sent my photos to my local Walgreens to be printed. It was cheap and the photos came out high-quality. It usually only takes an hour as well.

  • Sort your photos. This is an optional step, but it helped me out a lot. Sometimes, when sending your photos to Walgreens, they’ll come out in different sizes. The sizes are always either 4x6 or 4x4. The 4x4 is obviously smaller. So, what I did is sort the photos into a 4x4 pile and a 4x6 pile. This helped me visualize how I would arrange the photos.

  • Put them up! This step easily took me two hours to complete. Attach tape to the corners of your photos and arrange them anyway you want on your wall. You can also use double-sided tape, but that didn’t stick to my walls at all. I arranged mine around some wall art in my room, but you can do a whole wall if you’d like!

  • Here’s a link to some inspiration:

2. Upcycled Wall Art

All you’ll need for this project is a piece of wall art you don’t like, spray paint (optional), acrylic paint, paint brushes, and Mod Podge. At the end of the end of your project, you should have a super trendy piece of wall art to hang up in your room!

  • Find an old piece of decor you don’t necessarily like anymore. I had an old canvas-type poster that I hadn’t hung up in our house...I was going to get rid of it, but I decided to make it “new” again!

  • Look for some inspiration! I went onto Pinterest and tried to find something that would pop in my all-pink room

  • Work your artistic magic! This is the fun part: paint it. The old canvas I was using was black, so I did a few coats of spray paint to make it white. I then did a zebra-print background with yellow, red, and blue stripes on the corners. After that, I added some blue butterflies and painted the word “rad” in all caps with a blocky font. This project is very loose and is unique for every person!

  • Here’s some inspiration:

3. Canvas Mood Board

For this project, all you’ll need is a few canvases (any size canvas will be fine), printed photos, and Mod Podge- Mod Podge is a basically liquid glue that is used for crafting. You can get it at any craft store. At the end of the project, you should have a collage of all your favorite aesthetics to hang up in your room!

  • Decide what aesthetics you want. For my own project, I decided to do four canvases and have a different theme for all of them. One was pictures of my favorite female artists, the next was Friends themes, one was That ‘70s Show themed, and the last one was Call Me By Your Name themed. It’s totally optional to theme your canvases, you could make them all the same aesthetic if you want.

  • Find your pictures. Like the photo wall, go on to Pinterest and look up what aesthetics you want. You can type in “That ‘70s Show aesthetic,” “The Vampire Diaries aesthetic,” or any theme you want.

  • Print out your pictures. Again, like in the photo wall collage, you can send them to your local Walgreens to print them or- if your printer can handle it- print them out on photo paper at home.

  • Arrange your photos on the canvas. I recommend arranging your photos on the canvas before gluing them down to make sure they’ll all fit. If they don’t all fit, just add the leftover ones to your photo wall!

  • Glue them down. I used a paint brush and Mod Podge to glue mine down. Add a thin layer of the glue to the back and stick it down. Looking back now, I should’ve used a foam brush to paint on the Mod Podge. Using it on my normal paint brush ruined it.

  • Add a glossy top coat. I took a tube of glossy Mod Podge and painted a thin layer over my finished project to make sure the photos wouldn’t come up.

  • Here’s what I modeled my projects after:

Like I said before, I’ve done all of these in my room and they look amazing! When I hung up the mood board and wall art, I used command strips. (Command strips are easy ways to hang up photos and wall decorations. It can be found at places like Target and Walmart) They were cheap and worked amazingly! I hope you love these DIY room decor projects as much as I did, and if you tried these, feel free to share your experiences and photos with these DIY projects in the comments below!

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