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Design Your Own Autumn Tree!

To give your place more of a fall feeling, try designing your own tree with autumn-themed leaves! All of the items should be available at the Dollar Tree and there are five things you will need:

  1. Several bunches of plastic autumn leaves attached to their stems (around 15)

  2. 1 tin bucket

  3. 1 plunger with the same size diameter as the bucket

  4. 2 regular size rolls of twine

  5. 1 hot glue gun and 3-5 packs of hot glue


  • After you gather your materials, you begin making the tree by starting one-fourth of the way from the top of the plunger. 

  • Take some twine, and wrap it around the plunger a few times, while gluing it down. Next, place your first bunch of leaves onto the stick of the plunger, glue the stem to the plunger, then wrap twine around the stem connected to the plunger and glue the twine to the stem. 

  • Keep continuing this pattern of adding bunches of leaves to the plunger, gluing them down, wrapping them with twine, and gluing the twine down until you run out of leaves.

  •  Make the stems stick out as much as you want, and space them out to your liking. After you finish and have adjusted your tree as you envisioned, it’s time to decorate the bucket! 

Personally, I’ve seen one tree where the tin bucket has twine wrapped around the bucket about a third of the way, starting at the top. However, you can design it however you like! There are plenty of ways to decorate your bucket, one being getting a stencil with a message or image you like and then painting over the stencil onto the bucket. You can also have little kids decorate the bucket using stickers, gems, leaves, ribbon, and much more! This can be made into a family activity, one everyone can take part in and have so much fun!  Of course, this activity doesn’t strictly have to be for autumn trees, the directions can be used to make a bouquet of flowers, winter decorations, or anything else your imagination leads you to create!

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