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Dear Me In 5 Years

A “Dear Me In 5 Years” letter is an opportunity for you to revise your worries and fears as of today. Writing one allowed me to learn to refrain from stressing about the small things I am currently worried about because, in five years, they most likely will not matter. I encourage you to construct a “Dear Me In 5 Years” letter as a strategy for refreshing your headspace. Ask your future self about where you are at in accomplishing your long term goals, ask about the new hobbies you indulged in, or even give your future self some advice. Younger children who want to participate in this project can create a drawing of their current favorite snack, animal, or TV Show. The possibilities are endless. Creating your letter or drawing will allow you to have an interesting keepsake to look back on in five years! Feel free to use my letter for inspiration on your personal one. Have fun and best of luck!


My Personal “Dear Me In 5 Years” letter

Dear me in five years,

You are 20 and should have graduated from your senior year of high school by now. It is the summer before sophomore year and we have no idea if we will be going back or completing online school. Did you get to attend your senior year, or is Covid-19 still taking over the world? Is your dream job still to be a teacher? How’s your driving? Because right now you are just starting and could use a little bit of help. How’s the family? Does mom still love betta fish or was that just a weird phase? Do you still love Grey’s Anatomy and strawberry icecream?

Dear me in five years,

Have you checked some boxes on your bucket list? Have you woken up to watch the sunrise on the beach or jumped into a waterfall? What about a tattoo, did you get one of those yet? Have you published your own blog or are you still working on it? Have you visited a sunflower field? Have you ridden a hot-air-balloon and gotten over your fear of planes?

Dear me in five years,

Your fifteen-year-old self is currently learning to live a little more carefree by taking chances. By the time twenty comes around, my goal is to have no regrets to dwell on. I recently learned that I was stressing out too much about everything and I realized that we only have one life to live and should use it to be joyful. I am taking things easy and realizing that everything is going to be okay even if it feels like the end of the world at the moment. If you lost those realizations, be sure to find them and live by them again.

Dear me in five years,

I hope you are strong.

I hope you are taking all and any opportunities available to better yourself.

I hope you are open to new ideas and experiences.

I hope you are on the path to accomplishing what you want.

Most importantly, I hope you are happy.

Love, 15-year-old Leah.

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