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Dear class of 2021,

It was 12th of march when my economics exam got cancelled. In all truths, I was elated. I could sleep for

hours, binge watch and blame it on the pandemic. I enjoyed it thoroughly thinking it would last 3 weeks

at most. My constant whims for extensions got answered but this time I took up the guilt upon myself.

Was I to blame for the coronavirus?

Were my plans getting distorted one case at a time? There was a farrago as the future was blurred and

the present incoherent. The competitions, the trips and even the shy giggles we shared during the

strictest periods were we going to experience them again?

All these questions kept floating on my mind and they didn’t seem to go away soon. The only way I

could fight them was to pen down my feelings. I jumped to a conclusion that the current scenario was

not my fault, but its defiance which would lead to self-depreciation would be.

All I want to convey is you’re not alone. We all have different lives yet we share the most intimate

experience of living through this period. This is an achievement itself and I probably will mention it on

my common app. Engaging in activities has been the most helpful experience but I do take the liberty of

taking days off where I just binge watch and eat. I came across this site and I hope the members here

are going to be my global family.

A very important side note; do not compare your productivity to someone else’s. We are not

competing, but we are in it together. Be empathetic to each one’s journey. This has probably been the

key to my happiness in the lockdown.

I want to end this letter with a virtual hug to every reader. To making new memories and turning the

mundane high school experience to an inimitable one!

By yours truly,


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