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Dealing With Lactose/Milk Intolerance

It’s a hassle. Going through the cravings, and not being able to indulge. My best friend and I are both sensitive to milk. We were talking about two days before Thanksgiving about our plans for that day. Both of us said we were just going to stay home and celebrate with our immediate families, and then we shifted over to the topic of food. The scrumptious mac-and-cheese, the marshmallow covered yams, the savory chocolate brownies that we were going to make, all of it. It was after a few minutes of talking about this that we remembered we couldn’t have any of it due to our sensitivity.

Lots of people know how difficult it is to not indulge in sweets, especially around the holidays. No matter how good the food may be at the time, we have to think about the consequences and how it affects our health. Often, those with a lactose/milk intolerance will dive right in, as the treats are so hard to resist, but pace themselves when they do. Knowing your body is a great way to deal with this difficulty, such as paying attention to how much you eat, when the symptoms start to kick in and knowing your limits. My friend shares, “I have to limit myself. If I’m going to eat a slice of pizza today I can’t have anything else.” 

We’ve all been there, the challenge of choosing between a Kit-Kat bar and an extra slice of pizza. It’s important to remember how much you can take, and if you do decide to choose both, that you are alright with the consequences. One other way to help would be to seek medicine to aid the symptoms. Personally, I use Lactaid pills to help relieve stomach cramps. They are taken with the first bite of any milk/dairy product and can last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. After this time, a second pill is recommended if you are still eating. These pills have gotten me through birthday parties and holidays. With these, I was able to eat whatever I wanted, with minimal or no symptoms the entire time. Just remember, when eating products that your body is sensitive to, know your limits, and always have a backup plan. 


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