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COVID-19'S effect on the Performing Arts Industry

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

COVID-19 has dramatically affected hundreds of industries globally. These include, but are not limited to: food, transportation, and travel. However, one industry that has been affected by COVID-19 that has not been spoken about as much is the Performing Arts industry.

Since the increase in COVID-19 cases within The United States, Broadway Theatre, located in New York City, immediately shut down until September 6th. Unfortunately, with the continuing spikes in COVID-19, the shutdown on Broadway has been extended to 2021. Broadway shutting down has created a tremendous negative influence on Broadway actors and technical staff, due to these individuals now out of work until next year. Unemployment compensation stimulus ends before July 30th and after that date, all employees working in Broadway will not have any source of income.

Broadway Theatre employees are not the only ones facing a lack of employment. Cirque Du Soleil, a Montreal based circus company, has held many shows all over the world. However, due to the uproar in COVID cases affecting their show dates, Cirque du Soleil isn't receiving enough revenue to support their company's financial needs. The company has received $300M in fresh funding however, it does not compensate for the $1M they are currently indebted in. Due to this, Cirque du Soleil has filed for bankruptcy and has cut about 3,500 of their staff.

In addition to Cirque Du Soleil and Broadway Theatre, Feld Entertainment, a live show production industry located in Florida, is facing unfortunate circumstances within this pandemic as well. The company's international and domestic tours were canceled immediately after the federal ban on large gatherings. Since then, Feld Entertainment has dealt with an economic crisis of its own. Feld Entertainment has had to let go of nearly 90% of its employees permanently due to their lack of funding to keep employers without performances.

It is extremely unfortunate that many Performing Arts industries are shutting down due to this unexpected pandemic. Performers and staff are lost and unsure as to what circumstances will be present in the near future. However, we as the general public can help. Donating to performing arts-based charities and educating individuals on the losses occurring within this industry can make a tremendous impact!

Performing Arts charities:


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1 Comment

aisha !!
aisha !!
Jul 12, 2020

Amazing article! So thought-provoking! Keep it up :)

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