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Over the years, it has been proved that the world is quite a mysterious place. To understand it and its wonders would be far from easy. We meet people and we forget them. We come across hundreds of strangers who we have no idea about or what role they might play in our life. The little girl in me has always believed in magic, and the teen that I am, believes in the magic of people.

“The magic of people? What is that?” You may find yourselves asking these questions, and the answer is quite simple. I believe that we are all connected to the people we don't know. Now there are many many examples that go through my mind when I think of this, but lately this specific one has been on my mind.

I’m pretty sure all of us have lost jewelry and continue to do so. Speaking for myself, I have lost so many of my earrings at the beach. But have you ever wondered what happens to them? Do they just stay where they are or are found by someone?

What if someone does find it. I mean imagine it. They find your jewelry, take it home, possibly even wear it. And everytime they do wear it, they think of you.What if sometime later in your life that person ends up saving your life. What if your piece of jewelry was the best thing that happened to them. Then when they get older, have kids, then grandkids, your jewelry gets passed down the blood line. Wouldn’t that make a weirdly incredible story?

When thought about it more in depth, it's crazy how there are billions of people we don’t even know, not even as strangers. Maybe that’s why I’d like to think that even if we haven’t ever seen them, walked across them, or thanked them for something as simple as picking up our sunglasses that fell to the ground, we’re still somehow connected. Maybe the little kids inside of us weren’t wrong about magic after all, the magic of people.

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Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Oct 26, 2020

I love this.

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