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Clear Portion Face Mask

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

As wearing a mask has become mandatory pretty much everywhere in the U.S, everyone (including mask manufacturer companies) have to take into account everyone’s situations. We all have the common conception of what a mask looks like right? Typically something like this:

However, we cannot disregard the people who are diagnosed with certain disorders like deafness and those who are mute. In the United States, approximately 600,000 people are deaf and approximately 7.7 million people are mute (or have trouble using their voices). A form of communication for both diagnostics, alongside sign language, is through lip reading. With the typical everyday mask that most of us wear, our mouths are completely covered. As that is the entire point of a mask, it puts a halt to lip-reading which is a prominent form of communication to that large population. Mask created for deaf and mute people are structured with a clear portion of plastic around the mouth region making it easy for them to read their communicator’s lips and in reverse, their communicator to read their lips. The mask looks like this:

If you are someone who could benefit from a clear portioned mask in any way, visit this website to find the article “Six Best Clear Face Masks That Allow Others to Read Your Lips”. This article will provide you six businesses selling clear portioned mask as I have yet to see one in any local store.

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