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Choices in Life

Deciding what we want to be when we grow up. Choosing our streams for the future.

Picking people whom we want to be friends with. Thinking what kind of a person we

want to become when we are adults. Life is full of choices. At each step we need to

choose one thing or the other, but whether the choice is easy or not depends on the


The person we become depends on the choices we make. Do we make them out of

fear? Or out of judgment issues? Or because of the thought that they might end up

taking us to the wrong place? However way, they are the best way for us to find out

what lies in the future. What we must remember is that we are the rulers of all our

decisions. Therefore making decisions based on someone else’s opinion and ending

up at the wrong side will affect our side of story and not theirs’. We won’t be able to

blame them for what we did. So it is important that we think carefully before taking

any step.

Have you ever thought about what might happen if you choose one wrong thing?

Nothing. You will only gain more experience which will help you make better choices

the next time. Life doesn’t just happen. It relies on the decisions we make to build it.

Make your walls higher with each step. Strengthen your mind by being confident

enough about your decisions.

Choose who you truly are and where you truly belong. Not on a whim. Not because

you wish you were someone you are not. But because you honestly know yourself.

Choose wisely. One wrong choice won’t be the end. It is just the closing of a simple

chapter. You have an entire story of life to complete.

Take the risk: choose.

~Swarnima Dalmia

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