Chai Latte

Fun fact: I love lattes and I also love tea! I love the taste of tea, but I love the caffeine buzz of coffee. This recipe combines both of these perfectly! On days when you don’t know what you want to drink, this is a happy medium.



•1 ½ cups of Chai Tea concentrate or strongly brewed Chai Tea

• 1 ½ cups of milk of choice

• 2 ounces (two tablespoons) of espresso or 6 ounces of strongly brewed coffee


  1. Mix the Chai Tea concentrate and the milk in a pan on the stove until the mixture comes to a boil.

  2. Add in the espresso or coffee and froth with a whisk or immersion blender until foamy.

  3. Optional: add in cinnamon, creamer, or sugar to taste.

  4. Divide into mugs and enjoy.

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