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Booktube + Editing Videos

Welcome! This is the last part of our 3 part series about the bookish community! This is about booktube, bookish youtube videos are popular but take a long time to make. These tips could also be great for book Tik Tok

  1. Film

Start off just filming yourself talking about books. Remember to get comfortable in front of a camera. Act like a friend and talk about books!

  1. Edit

Learn about editing videos. This may take a long time at first but after some practice you should get better at editing.

  1. Short vs long

Decide how long your videos should be, it really depends on the video. Reviews can be shorter, whereads list visions are normally longer.

  1. Inspiration

Here are some of our favorites!

Emma's Books:

Hailey in Bookland:

Robby Reads:


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