Bookstagram + And how to start one!

Welcome! This is the first part of a 3 part series that Remi and Maddy are hosting! A little bit about ourselves is we both run Bookstagrams, Blogs, and Maddy is starting out on BookTube! Remi’s Bookstagram is Pirouettes.And.Pages ( and Maddy’s is Radiant Reading Reviews ( Let’s get started!

  1. Natural Lighting

Natural light is always better, it makes the photos look more alive and put together. Editing is always fun, but the lighting and prop placement is where this all starts.

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Making sure photos are how you want them and the quality is lovely and nice, is much more important than how much you post. If you can take a bunch of photos and post them along with the quality, yay!

  1. Booksta-Friends

First off, message us! Let us know that you are wanting to start a bookstagram! Both of us love new friends and will answer any questions you have that we can. It’s a little harder to make other friends because you can’t just randomly DM bookstagrammers, but we can help you out and introduce you to people! Start out slow!

  1. Posting Schedule

It is a good idea to keep a semi-consistent posting schedule. Find out what times works for you and keep posting at that time,

  1. Inspiration!

Here are some favorites of ours!

Thank you so much for reading! Look out for part 2 and 3 coming in the next few weeks!

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