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Book Blogs + The Fun of Running Them

Hi guys! Part 2 of the Booksta-Fun series Maddy and I are running! We both run our own book blogs, mine being Pirouettes and Pages ( and Maddy runs Radiant Reading Reviews ( . We both have so much fun running these blogs and posting reviews, tags, and more! Here are some tips if you are interested!

1. Figure out what site you want to use!

Both Maddy and I use WordPress, it’s the simplest one I’ve been able to find and it’s actually super easy to use! You can find videos and tutorials on how to fully set it up to the way you’d like it! Other options are Blogger and Squarespace which have good reps.

2. Know what you want to post! And if you are serious about it, set a schedule!

If this is something you think you really wish to try out, make sure you know what to post! If you want to create reviews, maybe stack some up to post throughout the coming weeks so you can have content. And with that, set a schedule. Will you post once a week? Twice? Set a nice schedule so you have it.

3. Have fun with it! Make some blog friends and support other book bloggers!

I am so horrible with this one! I follow quite a few blogs but I don’t read their articles as much as I should or comment and help them out! If you enjoy the post, comment and like the post! Support is everything for social media and letting people know you support them is super helpful and gets their blog out there!

4. Book Tours!

A Book tour is where a Tour Company like Caffeine Book Tours ( hosts a trail of blog posts that support a book. People post things from reviews, to creative content like moodboards, and even author interviews! If you are just starting out, I don’t recommend applying but hey, give it a try!

5. Inspiration! Here are a couple of our favorite’s!

Thanks for reading! Maddy has the third part to this series coming out soon about Booktube!

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