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Black Lives Matter: Palestine

In the midst of the Black Lives Movement protests in the United States of America —that was caused by the death of George Floyd, an African American man who was killed by police during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota — many Middle Eastern nations are also experiencing such peaceful protests. Specifically looking at Palestine, a nation where the people are forbidden from protesting under Israeli control and government, have led protests in support of black lives and to bring justice to their kind. Palestinians have shown utmost respect and advocacy for marginalized minorities because they have the ability to relate and understand living within an unjust society, just like others. Other nations, such as England, have also shown their support towards both Palestinians and Black people by continuously holding the Palestinan flag, while also marching for the lives of Black people.

Viewing the unconditional support Palestinans have towards this movement demonstrates how powerful unity is. Even though they are forbidden from doing something, they are willing to risk their lives in order to defeat injustice. Racism is not something that can have an opinion in society — it is not a right or wrong matter; it is simply a wrong and harmful thing. Using one’s voice to uphold others while being proactive for one’s rights, is the most important thing that we can do in this generation. Keep supporting one another because freedom for one group of people, does not mean no freedom for you. For more information on Palestinian support of Black Lives Matter or Palestine in general, contact me through email at

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