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Birthday Gift Ideas

It’s the day before your friend’s birthday and you’re rushing through Target to find something they might like. You walk past all kinds of room décor; she mentioned she wanted fairy lights, but there's so MANY! Which kind should you get? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This happens to me more often than I would like to admit, so I’ve decided to compile a list of all the best birthday gifts that I have received… and that I have given!

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are one of the best gifts to receive because for some reason, there’s always a need for them! No matter how many you have, there can never be too many. They make for very aesthetic room decor, and can easily brighten up someone’s day. If you’re not sure what type of fairy lights they would prefer, I recommend going with the standard one-string kind. The more complex ones, like the waterfall fairy lights, might not work for all rooms. If you know for sure that they have space, then by all means, go for it!


Whether they are the cute patterned ones, or the fluffy cozy type, socks are a much-appreciated gift. Most people wear socks on a daily basis, so an extra pair never hurts!

Scented Candles

Scented candles are truly great to have around the house. When buying these, I always try to make sure that the person I am getting it for likes the smell. The natural ones like vanilla, rose, and cinnamon are my go-to’s just because they aren’t as strong on the nose. However, smells like bacon and cedar can be good too, as long as you know the person will enjoy it.

A Care Package

When assembling a care package, I like to stick to a color scheme. If you know the person’s favorite color, try to go with that. Things to include in a care package might be: a mug, some of their favorite candies, socks, a good book, hot chocolate, tea, and some other goodies. Care packages can be very versatile, so don’t be afraid to expand beyond the items I have listed above.

A Video

One of my favorite gifts that I have given is actually a YouTube video. I asked all of my friends to send me clips of our funniest moments, or any videos that they thought were important. I then compiled and edited them using iMovie. It ended up featuring the entire friend group rather than just the birthday person, but I think that it was almost even more special that way. If you want to give a meaningful gift that will last a lifetime, a video of your friendship is always a good option. If you want to make it just a little more special, you can make something creative with the link of the video.

These are just a few of the birthday gift ideas — look out for more coming soon! Hopefully this was helpful and now you don’t have to stress over the different types of fairy lights. Remember that any gift you give is special; it’s the thought that counts!

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