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Become a Teen Advocate with BE HEARD!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Are you interested in having your voice heard and being a teen activist? Join BE HEARD!

The BE HEARD Club is a student-led advocacy club from James Logan High School that’s based in the Bay Area and strives to bring positive change to their local community and beyond. Initially a campaign, the BE HEARD Club sends letters to elected officials, urging them to make change with their legislative power. The most recent project of the club consists of planning on educating middle schoolers in the NHUSD (New Haven Unified School District) about social justice issues through visiting their classes and having discussions. BE HEARD also plans on partnering with other advocacy clubs to expand their opportunities and to exchange mutual assistance.

In the past, BE HEARD managed to pass the End Qualified Immunity Act in Colorado after sending 200 letters across the U.S. as a group effort. The act mandated the police to be tried as normal citizens, deterring the privileges belonging to them during their trials. In BE HEARD’s transition from a campaign to a club, BE HEARD has garnered the support of the NHUSD Racial Justice Committee and the Ethnics Studies Department of James Logan High School. They also recently gained the approval of the NHUSD Middle School Principals to execute their Middle School Social Justice Education Project.

The club has weekly meetings on Mondays at around 2:30 PM for 30 minutes. BE HEARD often has extra meetings to accommodate for other activities like supplemental planning and meetings. If you can’t make it to the weekly meetings, it’s fine. Some members can’t make it weekly, but they still contribute.

With only around 10 members (lol) as of the posting of this blog, BE HEARD needs more members to continue striving for great achievements.

If you’re interested in this teen advocacy opportunity, comment your email on this post! I, as a member, will just need your email and you would get an email with the Zoom Invitation Info, and I could add you to the Discord and our Google Drive Folder. You can delete your comment once I’ve given you a follow up. Or you could just DM me on QuaranTEEN’s Slack server if you’re a part of the QuaranTEEN team!

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