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Become a "Morning Person"!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I am sure we all know what a “morning person” is and I think it is safe to say we can all classify ourselves under the “morning person” or “not a morning person” category off the top of our head. But just in case you don’t know what a so-called “morning person” is, it is typically someone who wakes up in a good mood. As of today, I can classify myself as a morning person but I haven’t always been that way. Throughout the year I adopted a few simple methods that allowed me to wake up with a sense of motivation and a good attitude. I am going to share a few of those methods and I hope you can put some use into them!

Sleeping the day away is the number one way to feel unproductive. Try to regularly wake up early at the same time every day. Waking up early is a great way to seize the day, but allowing yourself to sleep in sometimes is a MUST. When you have the opportunity, sporadically cancel those alarms or push them back because some days we just need a little bit more sleep.

Set your alarm the night before then place your phone away from your sleeping area. Alarms can be annoying and you do not want to hear your alarm blaring early in the morning, so placing your phone somewhere away from you will make you get up and turn it off. Now, you are on your feet and hopefully have the motivation to complete the next steps of your morning routine.

Do one thing (or more) in the morning that makes you happy! Listen to your favorite song, drink coffee out in the sun, or do your skincare. This will give you something to look forward to each morning before you start your day and it puts aside time specifically for you.

Wake up and get dressed. This is probably my number one method to having a good day. Getting dressed allows me to feel refreshed and rejuvenated giving me motivation to welcome the new day with. (Clothing and fashion is also one of my favorite things so picking out clothes brings me joy!)

DO NOT go on your phone first thing in the morning. I am guilty of lying in my bed on my phone first thing when I wake, but I quickly changed that habit because it began consuming so much of my morning. Some alternative suggestions are reading, stretching, or sitting outside for a few minutes.

Plan your next day. One of the things I like to do prior to the next day is jot down a few tasks I want to accomplish. Marking off my completed task allows me to feel productive. No need to write a strict schedule; however, if that makes you feel accomplished, then by all means do that!

As I am an online school student full time, these tips have changed the way I view each day, but please do not forget that it is okay to wake up in bad moods. It is okay not to be a morning person all the time and I encourage you to allow yourself to feel those emotions. If you can suggest any morning tips, do not refrain from sharing below! I hope you’re doing well, getting rest, and are staying safe.

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