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All About Succulents

You have all probably seen succulents perched on office tables, but what are succulents by definition? Succulents are plants that store water in their own leaves, like cacti. Usually, succulents prefer dry climates and do not require much water to thrive. If given too much water, their roots could rot and die. Succulents cannot withstand freezing temperatures. If they have too little water, too little sunlight, or are too cold, they can die. In addition, too little sunlight results in succulents changing color, or “blushing.” Some succulents can grow from a leaf- propagation.

Now that you know a little bit about succulents, would you want to care for one? They demand less than other plants, and as a bonus, you can keep them indoors! Even caring for one little plant can make you happier and have a feeling of accomplishment. I just got a succulent recently, and it is actually the first real succulent I have had (all the others are fake). It is nice to have one just sitting next to me while I work, for it gives me a sense of calm. I hope you choose to care for one!

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