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A Quick Guide To Making Playlists

Before we get started I just want to say that this article might be more helpful for the people who 1) need help starting a playlist or 2) need inspiration for spicing up their playlists! Of course, making playlists is quite an easy process but if you want to add a little bit more depth to them this article could be useful for that!

Side Note: I use Spotify, so all of my playlists are made on there. However, you can still apply these tips to other streaming services that you use. I am almost 100% sure the steps are the exact same, or pretty similar for most of them.

creds to @remywalker42

1. Categorizing Your Playlists

This should be self-explanatory but most playlists should follow a specific genre or theme. What I mean by this is that either the songs are part of the same genre (Pop, R&B, Alt, etc.) or the playlist follows a theme (love songs, energetic songs, etc.) You can put a ton of different songs into one playlist if you want to, but by doing this you can organize your songs into a neat list. This helps me keep track of certain artists, albums, and songs that fit the vibe that I’m looking for. Instead of just going through your saved songs trying to find a song that fits your mood, this step will also help make that job easier!

2. Creating the Title

This is a step I wouldn’t think too much about unless you plan on other people listening to your playlist. I think any title would work as long as it gives a really quick introduction to the playlist. So for example it could just revolve around the genre the playlist is typically composed of, for example “Indie Tunes” or “Hip Hop Hits”. Those aren’t the best examples and I’m sure you guys can think of better ones! For me, since I like my playlists to be more “aesthetic” I often choose a title that is one-worded or a phrase that sounds cool. Other times I choose a completely unhinged/goofy title when I can’t think of a good one. This step again shouldn’t be overthought, just put whatever sounds great to you!

3. Choosing the Cover And Description

The cover is usually what catches people’s eye when viewing a playlist. So choosing the perfect cover is a must! If you are sharing the playlist with others, it’s a good choice to add a cover! I get most of my covers from Pinterest and they have plenty of cool images there that might fit the vibe you’re looking for. Some people like to have all their playlist covers follow a specific color scheme or theme and it does look really good in most cases. For descriptions, this isn’t a really big deal in my opinion, you can choose to provide a quick overview of the songs you included or you can put anything. I typically put quotes or random phrases I think of in the description since I don’t think it's worth thinking too much about.

4. Making Playlists for Others

I’ve mentioned before the idea of “sharing playlists” and this is the section where I elaborate on that. Making playlists for other people, in my opinion, is a really heartfelt thing to do that most people would appreciate. I think it’s a really nice gesture, it may be small but it shows that you’re willing to put effort into making something for someone and all it requires is time. You can make playlists for your friends, your SOs, your family, etc. I’ve made playlists for my close friends and I’ve gotten some in return and it really does feel nice.

When making a playlist for someone, do not overthink it. I’ve said this before in this guide but this tip will really help ease any thoughts or anxieties revolving around whether or not the person will like it. I remember making a playlist for someone and the whole time I thought too much about whether or not they would like the songs or the artists, and most times they did. The best thing to do is just ask them what songs they listen to the most and go from that. Spotify gives you song recommendations you can add to the playlist so it makes the process easier. I don’t know what that’s like for other streaming services but they should have a similar option. You can also add songs that you personally like, songs you think they will like, or songs that remind you of them.

Once you’ve added the songs and gave the playlist, it’s important to ask for their feedback on it once they’ve listened to it. That way you know what songs to add in the future and what songs to take out (if needed).

Here are a few of my playlists that can be used for examples:

I hope this really quick guide was helpful! I tried to add all I know without over-complicating anything. My Spotify if any of you guys are interested is ignore the username, I was in middle school when I made my account :)

And that’s all I have for now! Stay safe everyone!

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