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A Loving Link Pen Pal Program

Want to become the companion of an elderly resident? A Loving Link can make it happen! A Loving Link is a student-run nonprofit organization from the Bay Area with the objective of developing interactions and connections between high school students and elderly residents from nursing homes. With about 180 participants as of the publishing of this article, A Loving Link continues to aim to provide social interaction for the elderly in nursing homes, especially during the time of this global pandemic.

The services that we offer include a pen-pal program and a live video communication program. The pen-pal system is a weekly activity where students, who are volunteers, and elderly residents can write to each other about their lives, entertainment recommendations, jokes, current news, and other appropriate things. Students can usually be paired with a resident until they graduate. Similar to the pen-pal program, the live video communication program is a weekly event where residents and students can talk to each other for one hour and become their weekly companions and develop connections with each other over Zoom.

Through its parent organization, SOL COLLABORATIVE, A Loving Link carries the 501c(3) status through which it provides Community Service Hours to highschoolers volunteering as penpallers and callers. Each letter earns you one hour, while each weekly video chat gives another.

If you’re interested in either or both of the programs, feel free to fill out an application below!

Penpal Program Application

Video Chat Program Application


Check out our website for more information!

SOL Collaborative Website:

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