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A list of last-minute Halloween costumes!


A Librarian can be created through any button-up shirt, glasses, skirt/work pants, and of course, a few books!


A Witch costume can be created by wearing all black, a witch hat, a DIY wand, and any colorful makeup look to put it all together!


A Vampire costume can be created through any red/black pieces of clothing to express that gothic feel. Adding makeup, and using fake blood could emphasize the vampirish persona as well. If you can, fangs and a cloak are also an awesome touch!


A Pirate costume can be created through any peasant-style clothing piece. Usually, brown and white pieces fit nicely. If you can't find a pirate hat, any bandana can work just as well. Lastly, black boots and a DIY eye patch finish off the look!


A Cowgirl/boy costume can be created by wearing a flannel, any type of denim, and if you can cowboy boots! If you don't have cowboy boots, any boots could work. Lastly, of course, a cowboy hat is a necessity, but a bandana could substitute it as well.


A Caveman/girl costume can be created by wearing any form of animal print, specifically cheetah print. In addition, wearing brown clothing items fits the persona as well. For accessories, any fake bone prop can complete the look!

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Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
31 de out. de 2020

Cute ideas!

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