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A Great Solution to Your Boredom! (For kids, teens, and adults!)

Hey! Are you bored?

During these of quarantine, it is no wonder that we have all this time on our hands… Although this might have sounded nice to us from 6 months ago, a lot of us are left feeling bored these days… With this being said, here is something that you can do to fill your time!

Why should I help someone I don’t know?

A study published by The Journal of Positive Psychology by Daryl Van Tongeren explains a study proved that people that have done more volunteer projects/ work are more likely to feel a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. (via: Hopper, Elizabeth. “Can Helping Others Help You Find Meaning in Life?” Greater Good, 16 Feb. 2016)

So what should I do to help others and myself?

One way to fill your time WHILE helping people who need it are making cards for! Because of the effects of COVID-19, there are a lot of elderly people all around the world that are left to feel lonely and unloved. However, there is a big difference that you can make by just taking 10 minutes out of your day.

Here are some examples of cards/ letters that you can make. You can write a simple nice message to an elderly person to make their day a little more special!

No cards?

No problem! You can simply write your kind message on simple cardstock or regular paper and send you heartfelt words to someone who needs a smile in their day!

There are no rules to your creativity, however, the company does ask a couple things of you:

(via: Letters of Love.” Love for the Elderly,

- Please leave religious affiliation out of your letters, they want to make sure that your letters are suitable for anyone in the world

- Please leave out the date on your cards

- If you can, please send your letters in an envelope, as this then makes it easier for the company to send out the letter to an elderly person in need

- Be kind and thoughtful and focus on uplifting whoever is receiving your letter

- Be creative!

Once you have written all the cards that you want to, you can send them in an envelope or box to the organization and they will send your letters to an elderly person!

When you have completed your cards, you can mail them to:


P. O. BOX 24248



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Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
19 ago 2020

This is such a cute idea. I will for sure be participating in this. Thank you so much!!!

Me gusta
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