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99 Reasons To Live

Life is waiting for you. You might be stuck here for a while, but the world isn’t going anywhere. Hang on in there if you can. Life is always worth it.

— Matt Haig

  1. You have not yet met all the people who will love you.

  2. To dance beneath the rain.

  3. You probably haven’t cuddled with that pet enough yet.

  4. To create your greatest form of art.

  5. Sunrises.

  6. Sunsets.

  7. To laugh so hard that your stomach hurts.

  8. You haven’t yet experienced the best hug of your life.

  9. To discover a new song that lifts your soul.

  10. On that note, your favorite musician still has songs to write for you.

  11. Your favorite film.

  12. Your favorite novel.

  13. To visit the country, the city, or the place which you dream of.

  14. To watch more cute animal videos on social media.

  15. You might have not yet tried your favorite food.

  16. Or your favorite drink.

  17. To meet an online friend in person.

  18. Freshly baked cookies.

  19. You haven’t heard your favorite cheesy joke yet.

  20. To stargaze.

  21. To find shapes within clouds.

  22. To smell your favorite flowers.

  23. To sing in the shower again.

  24. Warm sweaters and socks.

  25. Waking up late on the weekends.

  26. Spite. ;)

  27. To buy a succulent to live with you.

  28. To buy a coloring book — with either adorable photos or swear words.

  29. You need to watch a Studio Ghibli film.

  30. Maybe more than one Studio Ghibli film.

  31. Poetry.

  32. Beauty.

  33. Romance.

  34. Love.

  35. If you didn’t get that reference, watch some classic academia films.

  36. Inside jokes.

  37. You haven’t blasted your favorite song in the car enough yet.

  38. Cute babies.

  39. Kind elderly people.

  40. To feel fresh grass beneath your feet.

  41. To watch a silent snowstorm in the winter.

  42. To have late night conversations of your happy memories.

  43. To find a platonic soulmate.

  44. Clean, warm, soft blankets.

  45. Rainbows.

  46. Trees swaying in the wind.

  47. Your favorite candle scent.

  48. Long baths.

  49. To make a flower crown.

  50. To dance ridiculously and not care.

  51. To buy yourself that perfect gift.

  52. Carnivals.

  53. Concerts.

  54. Naps.

  55. To swim in the sea — again, or for the first time ever.

  56. To take a hike across the forest — if you’re up for it.

  57. Autumn leaves.

  58. Compliments.

  59. To find a quote that resonates with you.

  60. To listen to a podcast.

  61. To write a letter for your future self.

  62. To see a silly photo of yourself as an infant.

  63. Stuffed animals.

  64. Fairy lights.

  65. To begin a commonplace book — a journal of quotes and tidbits.

  66. To witness golden hours.

  67. To search for joy in a messy world.

  68. To rebel and feel badass about it.

  69. Tea.

  70. Or coffee.

  71. Or soda.

  72. Handmade gifts.

  73. Beautiful paintings.

  74. To see the sun again.

  75. You haven’t yet experienced your greatest life adventure.

  76. Amusement parks.

  77. Or parks of nature.

  78. The cute outfit which you want to buy.

  79. To make a stranger smile.

  80. To climb a tree.

  81. Berry pies.

  82. To discover new music.

  83. To knit a scarf.

  84. Dried flowers.

  85. Chocolate.

  86. To get a dog, or cat, or hamster.

  87. To make an origami crane.

  88. Comfortable sweatpants.

  89. To smile again.

  90. To feel at peace.

  91. To enjoy quiet moments of contentment.

  92. For all the joy you could experience tomorrow.

  93. To try every nice thing the world may offer you.

  94. To be able to prove them all wrong.

  95. Because it will get better.

  96. Because kinder days are coming.

  97. Because you are incredible.

  98. Because you’ll be okay.

  99. Because you are enough.

Which reasons speak to you?

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Angela Guo
Angela Guo
Aug 13, 2020

This gives me hope ily!!


Such a lovely list!! This will help and inspire so many people!!


syd tucker
syd tucker
Aug 13, 2020

So touching and the cutest list i love it!!


Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Aug 13, 2020

This is beautiful and I am positive it will touch so many people. I love this.



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