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5 Feel-Good Movies Worth Watching (And Rewatching)

As teenagers, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve become all too familiar with negativity. It can come in a plethora of various forms, one of them being feelings of sadness, anger, insecurity, and stress that stem from different causes, or perhaps none at all. Whatever the case, feeling down in the dumps is never fun, and one of the things I do to get out of that headspace is watch a movie. It’s a different movie every time, but these are just a few I find myself gravitating to, seeing as I have rewatched them over and over.

1. Mamma Mia! (2008)

Almost everyone I know has been raised on this movie, and so am I. If you didn’t know, Mamma Mia is a jukebox musical based on songs by the Swedish pop group, ABBA. The movie starts with bride-to-be Sophie, mailing off wedding invitations to three complete strangers, one of whom she believes to be her father. Sophie does all of this behind Donna- her mother-’s back, and when Donna eventually finds out, she tries to deal with her unresolved feelings towards Sophie’s possible fathers. Mamma Mia! was originally made for the stage, but was adapted in 2008 to the film that we all know and love today. This movie never gets old for me, and I’ve learned the lyrics to all the songs purely from watching and rewatching it multiple times a day when I was younger.

2. Life As We Know It (2010)

Katherine Hiegl and romantic comedies are amazing separately, but Katherine Hiegl in rom coms? Perfection. This movie always leaves me smiling like an idiot at the end. To summarise, Eric and Holly have been set up on a date by their friends, but quickly find out that romance isn’t in the books for them. However, when their friends fall victim to a fatal car accident- leaving their baby orphaned- Eric and Holly need to learn how to overcome their differences so that they can take on the role of suitable guardians for their late friends’ baby. This movie is an emotional roller coaster and is way too predictable, but that’s what makes watching this movie fun!

3. Parental Guidance (2012)

I’m a very family-oriented person, and that’s probably why I turn to this movie a lot when I’m dealing with stress. Artie and Diane agree to take care of their three grandchildren when their daughter, Alice, and their son-in-law, Phil, are whisked away to a business convention. When Artie and Diane actually start babysitting under the wary eye of Alice, they start doubting their parenting skills. At the end of the story, most of the characters- especially the grandchildren- emerge as completely new people, showing how they’ve grown throughout the course of the film. I guarantee that this story about family ties and generational gaps will not fail to cheer you up.

4. Dog Days (2018)

This is one of those movies that focuses on many different stories, which miraculously and wonderfully tie up together at the end, leaving you satisfied. Los Angeles, California is the setting of this movie where five different stories interconnect, and it’s all about dogs! If I had to summarise this movie, this post would be far too long, so you’ll just have to take my word on how good this movie is. This movie features intergenerational friendships and adoption, which is something I don’t see really often onscreen. Also, have I mentioned that this movie is about dogs? I have? I thought I’d just remind you again for good measure :).

5. Grown Ups (2010)

Whether you love or hate Adam Sandler (or could care less about him), you have to admit that he’s been in some good movies, this one included. I’ve watched this movie a countless number of times, and it’s a perfect movie to watch with others, or by yourself. Basically, five friends and their families stay at a lake house for the weekend in their hometown when their old basketball coach passes away. Over the course of their stay, they get themselves into a bunch of antics, ending in a basketball competition with their old rivals. This movie hasn’t been a fan favorite of movie critics, but it’s proved pretty successful in the box office, so it might be a movie worth checking out if you haven’t.

These movies aren’t exceptional, Oscar-worthy movies that deserve all the awards. They’re meant to be fun and leave you feeling happy at the end, and they aren’t meant to stress you out with a bunch of layers or hidden messages that unlock the film’s deeper meaning. Movies like that are always great, but probably not the best when you’re just looking for something fun, y’know? Anyways, I hope that you’ve found out about some new movies from this list, or that it made you want to rewatch any of these movies. If you have any comfort movies, you could comment them down below because I’m looking for some new ones to watch!

Happy watching!

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