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10 Reasons To Smile

One great way of kick-starting your day can be to jot down all that you’re thankful for. They usually make me super happy and help me feel fresh and energised so that I start off on a good note.

Here are a few unconventional, but significant things that have made me feel better time and again:

  • Dogs and babies Somehow I have always found an uncanny similarity between those two. Whether it's a video of a puppy running towards you when you get back home, or it’s of a baby deliriously laughing while you make silly expressions, they always manage to make me smile!

  • Music Having songs that explain and somehow complement every emotion I feel has helped me feel tremendously better at any point of the day. I have managed to form a playlist for every mood and it essentially becomes my escape from reality!

    • Sunsets and rainbows There is something so surreal about how the sky looks during sunset or when it has rained, like a painting on a canvas, filled with so many colours that are focused to light up even the darkest of the days.

  • Warm hugs Whether it is from family, best friends, or a significant other, the amount of hugs you give and take to one can never be enough. The feeling is so pure that I will forever cherish the feeling of being held in someone’s arms.

  • Getting people gifts I personally love giving gifts more than receiving them. Seeing their eyes twinkle while opening it excitedly and making them feel special, makes me feel really content too.

  • Binge-watching favourites Whether it’s with a tub of popcorn, or with a bottle of Nutella- bingeing old classics always gives me a sense of nostalgia and satisfaction.

  • A piping hot cup of tea This is preferred on a rainy afternoon with soft, soothing Indian music playing in the background. There’s nothing like it if the tea is coupled with biscuits/cookies.

  • Good food For me, nothing can beat a plate of pizza and pasta that I get to enjoy with my best friends.

  • Naps Falling asleep when you have the rest of the day off, and waking up fully rested and/or in a little daze where you need a minute or two to figure out what time of day it is- absolutely wonderful.

  • Books Getting lost in another story, and being so hooked that I absolutely cannot put it down until I finish it? Yes please!!

It is always so important to find fulfilment in the little things so that every day is a little brighter, happier, and better. Be sure to take time to simply be grateful for the world :)

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1 comentario

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
19 oct 2020

Such a great list! I love all of these things.

Me gusta
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