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What's Going on in Lebanon

Lebanon—a country in the Middle East—has recently experienced numerous social, economic, and political issues. On August 4th, Lebanon faced one of the worst explosions in history. This explosion was caused by the storing of 2,750 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate, over a period of six years. As a result of this blast, an estimated amount of 140 people were killed and roughly 5,000 people were injured. Following this situation, Lebanon has seen an increase in protests against the government; citizens are seeking an explanation and protesters are calling for the resignation of government officials.

However, before the deadly explosion occurred, the Lebanese people were protesting against the government and political elite; these protests formed from the plummet of the Lebanese currency and economy, as well as corruption in politics. Additionally, as a result of the long lasting corruption, the level and state of poverty in Lebanon has increased; 500,000 children in Lebanon are going hungry, in Beirut alone. Continuing on, as a result of the failing economy, Lebanon’s power supply in the nation has been declining and has suffered greatly. The country is unable to supply their power plants, and are forced to be in significant debt to neighboring countries, such as Turkey.

Problems in Lebanon have been enrooted for centuries. Protests and a rapid plummeting economy have significantly impacted the nation and its civilians. The main issue that the world could help at the moment with, is the grand blast. If possible, please donate money to the Lebanese Red Cross, or donate blood to survivors and victims, if you reside in Lebanon.

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Unknown member
Aug 10, 2020

Thank you for bringing awareness.

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