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Is this the end to the coronavirus?

On August 11, Vladimir Putin—the president of the Russian Federation—announced that the nation has created the first approved vaccine for the coronavirus. The vaccine, known as “Sputnik V,” was developed by the Gamaleya Institute, a research institute of epidemiology and microbiology in Moscow. No scientific data has been released or published yet on the matters of the scientific background of the vaccine or the specific amount of people that were tested on so far.

Many civilians and other countries are skeptical about the vaccine due to the lack of information and concerns about safety. There has not been a widespread testing on people so far, only Phase 1 and Phase 2 testings, which is tested on less people than the Phase 3 testing, which allows researchers to clearly view any side effects from the vaccine, and if it truly is successful.

There have been many reactions from the public. Many are afraid that the “Sputnik V,” which was named after the the 1957 Soviet Union satellite during the Cold War, will initiate further competition between the United States and Russia, to see who comes up “first place” in the race to beat Covid-19; additionally, others are also weary that there will be a microchip in this vaccine that will allow the government to have total control over them. These reactions and thoughts are just a few examples of the chaos that came with the announcement of this vaccine.

Do you think that the “Sputnik V” will protect people from the coronavirus? Or do you think that it is just an excuse for complete dictatorship or to further initiate nationalism and competition between nations?

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