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Poem on Alcohol

It's a sneaky little thing

That comes without a call.

When you think you feel good,

Is when you lose it all.

It's tricky and unsaid,

comes without a trace.

No matter where you are,or where you go.

It always smacks your face.

You've fought it for so long,

That you think it's finally gone.

But don't ever be so sure,

That it is really gone.

You won't know when it's coming.

Or even that it's there.

You think that you can stop it,

By drinking just ONE beer.

I have just one last tip,

Think before you take that sip,

Watch the sight,

Before it leaves you with fright.

My friend, I've done all I can do,

Now it's up to you to fight.

But I see that you've made your choice,

When you drank into the night.

I'm begging of you please,

Don't ever make that choice.

To let the alcohol control you,

And take away your voice.

It's faster than a bullet,

In a gun up to your head.

Only you can pull the trigger,

But once you do, you're dead.

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1 Comment

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Jul 12, 2020

written so so so good with an important message. good job!

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