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  • What can I do on this website?
    The purpose of QuaranTEEN is to provide a place where people from all over the world can bond together to share ideas, stories, hobbies, and find ways to support one another to survive and grow stronger through this tough period in our lives. On our website you can find.. 1. Blog posts and forums for teens on different stay-at-home activities, such as fun new hobbies, book/movie reccomendations, recipes, and more! It's a place where you can read about what people have been up to, make friends, get inspired by others, or share your own story. 2. Videos, blog posts, and discussions for working parents on fun activities they can provide for their children while they work These include reading videos, easy and fun crafts, DIYs and more! 3. A list of fundraisers, donations, and organizations that you can donate to and help out with, including QuaranTEEN's own fundraiser, which you can find on the "Donate" page, as well as on the "About Us" Page. 4. An opportunity to join a pen pal exchange (takes place over email) with teens all around the globe! All you have to do is fill out a quick questionnare, and we'll match you with someone as your e-mail buddy! 5. Fun and unique entertainment quizzes that are located in our Teen Section!
  • What is QuaranTEEN's mission?
    COVID-19 has created not only a physical pandemic, but also a psychological pandemic. Teenagers around the world are separated from their friends and socially withdrawn, and parents around the world are dealing with not only the stressors on their health and work/economic struggles, but they are also struggling with balancing all this with finding a way to entertain their children, who are stuck at home all day due to COVID-19. Mental health is at an all time low, and stress is at an all time high. We at QuaranTEEN wanted to do something to combat the stress, negativity and hopelessness that people around the world were feeling as a result of this pandemic, and that's how QuaranTEEN was born: a social and creative outlet for teenagers around the world and opportunity to make friends, express themselves, and get involved with a great cause, as well as a place for parents to find resources for childcare.
  • What is your nonprofit/fundraiser for?
    QuaranTEEN is a nonprofit with a mission: to raise money for Frontline Foods, a nonprofit fighting COVID-19 by supporting small businesses and feeding frontline workers. Frontline Foods uses donation money to source food from local restaurants and provide it to health-care workers in need. QuaranTEEN collects donations for this through their GoFundMe Campaign, donating all proceeds to Frontline Food's cause to help fight COVID-19. We are trying to reach our goal of $1,000 by the end of the summer: please help us reach our goal!! We strongly recommend eveyrone who has the means too or who has enjoyed using our website to consider donating to this amazing cause, QuaranTEEN is passionate about the fight against COVID-19 and with all your help, we can turn the tide against COVID-19 and come out stronger than ever.
  • How can I get involved with QuaranTEEN?
    1. JOIN: The QuaranTEAM! We're always on the lookout for more teen volunteers! You can apply to become a blog writer, reader, or board member for QuaranTEEN. If you have any other cool ideas for our site or a specific/different position that you would be interested in creating and helping out with, feel free to reach out to us, we're super open to new ideas and would love to discuss this with you! 2. DONATE: to our GoFundMe Fundraiser to raise money for Frontline Foods to help fight against COVID-19 by feeding essential workers and supporting small businesses! 3. SUBSCRIBE: to our blog to receive email updates about QuaranTEEN and be able to support the work of our blog writers!
  • Is QuaranTEEN only for teens?
    Of course not! We are called QuaranTEEN because this was a site started by two teenagers, but QuaranTEEN is open to everyone and aimed for ALL types of people and age groups to enjoy.
  • Can I make a blog post?
    Yes! However, while the opportunity to post on our forum is available to all users, our blog writers must first be approved by QuaranTEEN, so if you are interested in becoming a content creator for our site you can apply to join our team by clicking the "Join Us" bar in the "Meet The Team" Page!
  • Can I make a Forum post?
    Yes, of course! Everyone is welcome to participate, post, comment, or just read depending on what you want to do: just go to the "forum" page under the Teenagers box and enjoy!
  • Does QuaranTEEN have any other social medias?
    Yes! Follow us on Instagram: @QuaranTEENSite
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