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The History of the Women’s Movement and Teen Advocacy

Event Sessions:

One Session: Sunday, September 26th


One Hour, 2-3 PM (PST)

The History of the Women’s Movement and Teen Advocacy

Veronica Tadross

Veronica Tadross is a senior at Kellenberg Memorial High School and a passionate advocate for women. Veronica is the Founder of the Bipartisan Feminist Project, the first organization in the U.S. dedicated to bridging the partisan divide over feminism, and editor of a blog about social justice issues in her community. She is a member of her high school’s debate team and is very interested psychology and politics. On the Quaranteen team, she looks forward to contributing to a generation which can get behind and achieve social change.

About the event

Sign up for QuaranTEEN's Course: The History of the Women’s Movement and Teen Advocacy. In this course, you will learn about the history of the women's movement, and how students can enact advocacy projects to establish bipartisan support for pro-women legislation. The content of this class would include the untold history of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), how the feminist movement became partisan in the 1970s, and how students can craft email campaigns to Congresspeople to support laws like the ERA and Violence Against Women Act.

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