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Creative Writing Workshop

Event Sessions:

Every Saturday, September 12th- November 7th (8 Sessions Total: September 12th, September 19th, September 26th, October 3rd, October 17th, October 24th, October 31st, November 7th)


Every Saturday, 9AM-10AM (PST)

Creative Writing Workshop

Praguni Kumar

Hey ! I’m Praguni. I’m a 15 year old young journalist, blogger and writer. I have been writing since 3 years and I’ve taken part in multiple online competitions, my work has been featured on various E-magazines. My writing skills are also thoroughly appreciated in school and for extracurriculars, I’m a writer for above 10 organisations. Along with that, I have also worked as an article editor for 5 + organisations, I’ve done quite a lot internships as a content writer and have gained a lot of experience over time. During the last 3 months, I’ve written 10+ articles, 5 poems and I’m currently working on a book on teen mental health along with writing a short story. Through my writings, I try to provide an insight into what the media won’t tell you and try to portray my unapologetic and unabashed opinions.

About the event

Sign up for QuaranTEEN's Weekly Creative Writing Course/Workshop, designed for teenagers ages 10+. The QuaranTEEN Writing Workshop will be a blend of free writing and creative writing lessons, taught by Praguni Kumar, an experienced teen writer who is passionate about sharing her crafts with the world and building a community of young writers. During the Creative Writing Course, Praguni will be providing the attendees with skills and tips on journalism and blogging. She will be talking about ways you can make your writing more efficient, tips for outlining, methods of characterization, elements of a story, creative non fiction, short story writing, and poetry. This workshop is intended to be fun while simultaneously educative and informative.  

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