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Winter Crafts For The Family!

The holidays are fast approaching and many of you will be spending time with your families, snuggling up close to a fire, and watching a bunch of Christmas movies in the next coming weeks. Although everyone loves a marathon of holiday classics, there are other activities that you can do on your own or with family and friends, which is crafting! Little kids love putting things together and coloring, it makes them excited and provides a way to keep them occupied for a little while. Doing crafts also serves as a stress reliever for teens and adults, which can be really comforting after a long day of work. On top of this, the crafts are relatively easy to do and inexpensive! One craft to put together at home would be crafting your very own miniature tree! At the Dollar Tree, there are triangle wooden frames available to buy along with a tiny version of a tree trunk piece. From here, you can buy decorative pieces of paper, and mod podge the paper onto the frame. To mod podge the paper onto the frame, you buy a mini container of mod podge glue, then cut out the decorative paper in the shape of the same size as the triangle inside. After this, spread a fair size amount of mod podge glue onto the triangle and place the paper on top. Smooth out the paper so there are not any air bubbles, then apply a light amount of glue on top of the paper and spread it evenly across the surface. After it dries, glue the tree trunk piece (or multiple depending on your preference) underneath the frame, and there you have a miniature tree! The simpler craft kids are able to do is decorating their own bulbs. There are also wooden blocks with a variety of shapes to decorate your home with. You can also purchase letters for each member of the house, mosh podge decorative paper onto the letter and the block, then glue the letter onto the block and there you have a standing plank with an initial! Also, there are full words that can be bought such as “Peace” “Joy” and “Love” that can be moshed podged and glued onto the wooden block, and there you have a standing “Joy” sign with a decorative background. Those are just some of the many holiday-friendly crafts that everyone can take part in and there are so many others just waiting to be created!

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