Why You Should Learn Ballet: It’s Importance in our Life

Ballet is one of the oldest and most well-known dance forms. It originated in Italy and now is popular all over the world. It is very important and necessary, especially in this generation. It provides a refreshing change from the instant gratification we get today. It is very hard to imagine not getting what you want immediately or as fast as possible. Ballet is the complete opposite of that. It balances beauty with hard work. It is almost impossible to achieve what you want in ballet quickly and requires a lot of effort, training and practice. Most of us would try to learn ballet, become impatient and frustrated when we don’t get results quickly and give up, but there are very few who can actually endure this and push on. The people who don’t give up are the ones that achieve their goals and see results of their hard work.

​Ballet is the base for all other dance forms and more importantly, is a way for you to express yourself. It does have many health and physical benefits, but it also teaches you things that you cannot learn anywhere else. It teaches you perseverance, to have patience and by doing that you will be rewarded for your efforts. It teaches you that nothing comes easily and without hard work. To be able to excel in anything, you need dedication and this also comes from ballet. You need dedication to improve your mistakes and become better. Just because a particular step or part is difficult, you cannot give up and work on something you are already good at, just so it will look better, you need to keep working on your weakness until it becomes better.

It teaches you discipline and not to get easily distracted. In this time, where everyone has gadgets around them with a million things to do or browse through, discipline really helps you concentrate on your work. Ballet makes you more attentive. Dances are taught quickly and are not usually repeated many times to help you learn it, so to be able to learn it quickly you need to be attentive. This can also help in other places and can help you understand things faster. Dancing in front of an audience or even in front of other classmates can help increase your confidence. It also teaches you to handle disappointment and failure well and not let it bring you down or allow you to give up. In a dancer’s life, there are always times when someone else is chosen for a role instead of them, or they did not do very well in an exam. They do not give up because of just one setback, they work harder. This also helps in anything that you do in life. It also teaches you endurance.

​Ballet is not just an art form that people need to watch once for cultural reasons. It benefits you in many ways. It is even more important for the new generation which is completely dependant on technology to get what they want and when they want it. Nothing else can teach you and benefit you as much as ballet does and is very necessary to learn. Misty Copeland once said this, and I am sure every dancer thinks the same, “Finding ballet was like finding a missing piece of myself”. “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it. “

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